How to use twitter data and ttwick to optimize movies’ promotional budgets


Studios have fixed budgets to spend on promoting upcoming movies. These budgets have traditionally been allocated by media markets according to size. That is, the bigger the market, the more spent in that market for promotion. This rule of thumb is outdated and leaves much room for improvement. Social media analysis can be used to concentrate advertising and promotional spending on those markets where it will have … [Read more...]

Why ttwick?


Wall Street used to be a good place to work for creative people, especially in the Quantitative modeling side. Not anymore, particularly if you were on the sell side, pricing exotics, and did not agree with the rating agencies’ methodologies for some types of ABS prior to 2008. After the credit crunch of 2008, we started our own advisory firm, SAGA Capital, specializing in structuring exotic financial … [Read more...]

So, what is ttwick?

  Ttwick is a tool for measuring, tracking, and interpreting how people feel about the things that are on their minds. It is our attempt to classify, quantify and track the formation, development and spread of ideas and concepts across social media. Ttwick takes social media messages and converts them into “ttwicks”. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simultaneously read every online opinion about a … [Read more...]