Elections 2012: converting followers into voters – top sites


Elections 2012: technology is becoming a strong influencer of the same magnitude or bigger than for the elections in 1960. On September 26th, 1960 the first televised debate between presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy was broadcast live on TV across the entire country. The relative merits of the candidates are still being discussed, but one thing is universally agreed:  TV, a relatively … [Read more...]

Social media analysis and national priorities: elections 2012


Analysis of tons of raw data in social media messages to come up with a "National Priorities" chart is one of the most interesting analyses that we are performing @ttwick, for both the US and the Venezuelan elections of 2012. For a real-time National Priorities analysis of the 2012 Venezuelan Elections, based on data mining social media, click here. For a real-time National Priorities analysis of the 2012 US … [Read more...]

Leopoldo Lopez – What is the effect of him dropping out of the Venezuelan elections? Social Media Intel

Leopoldo Lopez

What is the effect of Leopoldo Lopez dropping out of the Venezuelan elections? On January 24th, 2012, Leopoldo Lopez, one of the strongest opponents against President Chavez, dropped out of the Venezuelan elections. He pledged to support candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski. What was the effect of this move on the other candidates’ support base? To answer this question, we analyzed the flow of communications … [Read more...]

Top 20 billionaires, analyzed by ttwick – twitter data

Top Billionaires

List of top billionaires in social media. Ttwick published its Billionaires page, where you can use the ttwick dashboard to track public sentiment on 20 of the world’s richest people. Click here to visit the real-time analysis. You will be able to take a peek into each of their Social Network Analyses (SNAs), which show who’s responsible for the positive and negative chatter around the … [Read more...]

Operatoonity: social media analytics

Gale martin

Ttwick has teamed up with Operatoonity to perform a battery of social analytics on the top male and female opera stars in the world., run by Gale Martin (author of the book Don Juan in Hankey, PA), is a very popular blog among opera fans worldwide, with a steady flow of readers every day. An analytic measure that has always interested us at ttwick is the “bounce rate”, which represents the … [Read more...]

Luis Vicente Leon – Datanalisis: Social Network Visualization


As of January 2012, Luis Vicente Leon(@luisvicenteleon) has about 118,000 twitter followers. Below is a SNV for Luis Vicente Leon, which looks like what we denominate non-organic and indicative of a cell-like structure, around Julio C Montoya. (Please, click “refresh” in your browser if you don’t see a graph loaded). The top 5 entities/people that contribute to the chatter around Luis Vicente Leon … [Read more...]

How to use twitter data and ttwick to track elections


There are several important features on ttwick that give users insight into elections above what they might find in the news media. Analyzing tweets, ttwick’s heatmap shows, in real time, in which states a candidate has a high degree of support, or has a high degree of opposition. The same information can be displayed by region, county, voting district, even neighborhood. Users are able to zoom in on key states … [Read more...]

Social media data flagged a Netflix short sell – other strategies possible?


Netflix 's real-time computational linguistic analysis hinting a short sell back in June 2011? Social media data has become an important part of examining public protest and social movements. And, in at least one case we have documented, a profit opportunity from the short sell of Netflix while monitoring public comments. The word cloud above was generated automatically by one of our algorithms, created from … [Read more...]

How to use twitter data and ttwick to optimize movies’ promotional budgets


Studios have fixed budgets to spend on promoting upcoming movies. These budgets have traditionally been allocated by media markets according to size. That is, the bigger the market, the more spent in that market for promotion. This rule of thumb is outdated and leaves much room for improvement. Social media analysis can be used to concentrate advertising and promotional spending on those markets where it will have … [Read more...]

Why ttwick?


Wall Street used to be a good place to work for creative people, especially in the Quantitative modeling side. Not anymore, particularly if you were on the sell side, pricing exotics, and did not agree with the rating agencies’ methodologies for some types of ABS prior to 2008. After the credit crunch of 2008, we started our own advisory firm, SAGA Capital, specializing in structuring exotic financial … [Read more...]

So, what is ttwick?

  Ttwick is a tool for measuring, tracking, and interpreting how people feel about the things that are on their minds. It is our attempt to classify, quantify and track the formation, development and spread of ideas and concepts across social media. Ttwick takes social media messages and converts them into “ttwicks”. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could simultaneously read every online opinion about a … [Read more...]