Rick Santorum – Twitter Social Media Profile


Rick Santorum Twitter Social Media Profile. Rick Santorum Twitter Sentiment and social network analysis. Rick Santorum ’s Twitter Social Media profile is live here. Rick Santorum is one of the people we are tracking as part of our ttwick US 2012 elections page using twitter and other social media data. The former two-term senator from Pennsylvania officially announced his entry into the GOP … [Read more...]

Elections 2012: converting followers into voters – top sites


Elections 2012: technology is becoming a strong influencer of the same magnitude or bigger than for the elections in 1960. On September 26th, 1960 the first televised debate between presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy was broadcast live on TV across the entire country. The relative merits of the candidates are still being discussed, but one thing is universally agreed:  TV, a relatively … [Read more...]

Social media analysis and national priorities: elections 2012


Analysis of tons of raw data in social media messages to come up with a "National Priorities" chart is one of the most interesting analyses that we are performing @ttwick, for both the US and the Venezuelan elections of 2012. For a real-time National Priorities analysis of the 2012 Venezuelan Elections, based on data mining social media, click here. For a real-time National Priorities analysis of the 2012 US … [Read more...]

¿Cual fue el efecto de la salida de Leopoldo Lopez de la contienda electoral en Venezuela?

Leopoldo Lopez

El 24 de enero de 2012, Leopoldo López, uno de los oponentes más fuertes contra el presidente Chávez, se retiró de las elecciones en Venezuela. Se comprometió a apoyar al candidato Henrique Capriles Radonski. ¿Cuál fue el efecto de este movimiento en la base de apoyo de López a Radonski? Para responder a esta pregunta, analizamos el flujo de las comunicaciones a través de Twitter, … [Read more...]

Leopoldo Lopez – What is the effect of him dropping out of the Venezuelan elections? Social Media Intel

Leopoldo Lopez

What is the effect of Leopoldo Lopez dropping out of the Venezuelan elections? On January 24th, 2012, Leopoldo Lopez, one of the strongest opponents against President Chavez, dropped out of the Venezuelan elections. He pledged to support candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski. What was the effect of this move on the other candidates’ support base? To answer this question, we analyzed the flow of communications … [Read more...]

Elecciones presidenciales de Venezuela 2012 – Monitoreo

Monitoreo de las elecciones de Venezuela 2012

El análisis cuantitativo de data en redes sociales se esta convirtiendo en una herramienta importante para monitorear el comportamiento de masas en situaciones tales como elecciones presidenciales o regionales, estructuración de campañas publicitarias, lanzamiento de nuevos productos al mercado, predicción de "revueltas populares", etc. El centro DARPA (adjunto al Pentágono), y la CIA están usando el … [Read more...]

Elias Jaua – Twitter Social Media Profile

Elias Jaua

Elias Jaua Twitter Social Media Profile. Elias Jaua social media profile is live here. Elias Jaua Milano (born 1969) is a Venezuelan politician and former university professor who has been Vice-President of Venezuela since January 2010. He obtained a Sociology degree from the Central University of Venezuela. In 2000 he was part of the Comisión Legislativa Nacional and Minister of the Secretaría de … [Read more...]

Hugo Chavez Social Media Analysis

Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez Social Media Analysis. Hugo Chavez social media profile is live here. I still remember my meeting with Hugo Chavez back in 1998, when I was an executive for AIG Global Investments, which along with Goldman Sachs was then one of Wall Street's largest financial services firms. At that time, Hugo Chavez was a Presidential candidate with a chance for the executive position. AIG was not … [Read more...]

Nicolas Maduro – Short bio and social media profile – Venezuelan elections 2012

Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro social media profile is live here. Nicolas Maduro began his political career as a bus driver and unofficial trade-unionist representing the workers of the Caracas Metro system in the 1970s and 1980s. He finished high school in the Liceo Avalos, a public high-school west of Caracas during the '80 (El Valle neighborhood), but lacks any university or further education. He is considered one of the … [Read more...]

Henrique Capriles Twitter Social Media Profile

Henrique Capriles

Henrique Capriles' twitter and social media sentiment analysis, social network analysis, vote projection, and collective perception in national priorities is live here. Henrique Capriles is a 39 years old lawyer from Caracas and leader of the party Primero Justicia. He is single and Catholic. It was the last and youngest vice president of the former Congress of the Republic and President of the Chamber of … [Read more...]

Leopoldo Lopez – Short bio and social media profile – Venezuelan elections 2012

Leopoldo Lopez

Leopoldo López Mendoza is 40 years old and comes from a wealthy family from Caracas. An economist by profession, he founded the Primero Justicia party and was mayor of the Caracas municipality of Chacao from 2000 until 2008, after being elected to the office for two consecutive periods: 2000-2004 with 51% of the votes and 2004 - 2008 with 79.5%. He studied economics at Kenyon College and completed a Masters in … [Read more...]

Maria Corina Machado – Short bio and social media profile – Venezuelan elections 2012

Maria Corina Machado

Maria Corina is 44 years old and belongs to a family of conservative, catholic entrepreneurs. She graduated in Industrial Engineering at the Catholic University Andres Bello, divorced and has three children. In 2002, during the de facto government that was installed two days after the coup against the Chavez administration, Machado was a signatory to the decree by which the self-proclaimed interim president … [Read more...]

Diego Arria – Short bio and social media profile – Venezuelan elections 2012

Diego Arria

A 73 years old economist and diplomat from Caracas.  Diego Arria returned to politics after a break that ended in September 2008 when he sent an open letter to then president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, to deplore about his praises of the Venezuelan president. From then until recent weeks when he said that Chávez has transformed Venezuela into an emerging rogue "narco state" with the "approval" of officials and … [Read more...]

Pablo Perez – Short bio and social media profile – Venezuelan elections 2012

Pablo Perez

Born in Maracaibo 42 years ago, Pablo Perez comes from a family of founders of the Democratic Action party (AD). A lawyer by profession, he currently serves as governor of Zulia state for the period 2008-2012, a position he won in 2008 regional elections with 53% of the vote, as heir of his predecessor and founder of the party “Un Nuevo Tiempo” (UNT), Manuel Rosales. With Rosales, who was a presidential … [Read more...]

Diosdado Cabello Social Media Analysis

Diosdado Cabello

Diosdado Cabello Social Media Analysis. Diosdado Cabello social media analysis is live here. Diosdado Cabello is a former member of the armed forces of Venezuela, who was involved in Hugo Chavez's February 1992 coup d'etat attempt in Venezuela. He became a leading member of Chavez's Movimiento V Republica (MVR), and remains a leading member of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela into which MVR was … [Read more...]

Pablo Medina – Short bio and social media profile – Venezuelan elections 2012

Pablo Medina

As we mentioned, ttwick is not just a tool to measure the popularity of Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, or which airlines or hotels are more popular in LA or NY,  but also a tool to track, measure, and even forecast the outcome of Presidential Elections. Ttwick is now tracking the Venezuelan Presidential elections of 2012. Pablo Medina is one of the candidates aspiring to the Presidency of Venezuela in 2012. Pablo … [Read more...]