The ease with which content can be published from mobile devices has led to a proliferation of web sites, with a corresponding explosion in the volume of unstructured content in the web. The infrastructure underlying legacy engines was designed to deal with structured content at the 'web page' level and optimized for desktop users. Legacy engines are missing the slice of the information pie that's getting progressively larger: disaggregated and unstructured content mostly published from mobile devices. Can you search all major social and news sites from a single site and in real-time? Enter ttwick social and news search. There are many problems with the current online daily deal paradigm. Users need to sift through the mass of emails from aggregators and daily deals providers to find relevant deals. Dominant players in search don't have the incentive to solve the problem for users: their search technologies are either not suited for indexing deals in real-time, and/or they exclude deals that create conflict with their own monetization plans and business relationships. We actively search all the major deals sites to give users what they want in real-time at a neighborhood, regional, or national level, when they want it. We let the users decide what's best for them. Try it now. Currently in Alpha, BlackSheep represents a natural evolution in search, moving away from a keyword and link density model, to a semantic based model supported by a collection of artificial intelligence algorithms. BlackSheep purpose is to function as a dedicated knowledge engine, optimized for mobile devices, delivering the right result to businesses and consumers. Who has time to browse dozens of pages of search results on a mobile device? Quality of answers over quantity of answers is the task of our most challenging product that incorporates computational linguistics, graph based search, and other technologies covered under a patent pending application. Watch the demo.

ttwick: a twist on a market tick

Our mission is to help people make better decisions faster. With a strategic, purpose-driven approach to data science, ttwick is a first mover developing business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) products for the new Data Economy.

"While it is great that all sorts of information is indexed and sorted on the web, even a daily tour through one's Facebook newsfeed reveals many new people and resources that could be relevant. How do we find out which ones? How do we specify when we go to, Bing, or Google, the areas of knowledge and expertise that would be more valuable? Show me the stuff I really need that I don't even know exists."

John Hagel III, from "The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion"


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